Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of a Christian.

If you've made a commitment to Christ, it's time to take the next step and make your decision known. Baptism is the best way to express your faith and reflect your life change. Find out more about baptism through Starting Point, Pathway, or contact a Lakeside minister.

Contact a Minister

What Do I Wear?

We encourage you to wear some sort of dark athletic shorts with the tshirt that we provide. Make sure to bring a change of clothes and towel.

Where Do I Go?

Baptisms are held in the auditorium in any of our services at Lakeside. Meet your assigned pastor in the lobby 15 minutes before the service you are getting baptized in. Invite family and friends to watch and encourage you in your new journey.

What Time?

Baptisms are offered at any of our service times: 9:00, 10:15, or 11:30. Check-in begins 15 minutes before.

For information on scheduling a baptism at another time please contact us.

Who Will Baptize Me?

We invite you to have the person who led you to Christ or someone who encouraged you along the way to baptize you. Or if you would prefer, one of the Lakeside ministers would be happy to assist with the baptism.

Are There Any Prerequisites For Baptism?

Jr High and High School Age: In order to be baptized, please talk with your Student Minister or small group leader to set up a conversation.

Children Grade 1-5: Jesus & Me (J.A.M) is a recommended class for students to attend with their parents in order to be baptized. If the child is under the age of 8 it is suggested that he or she meet with a minister before being baptized. This is suggested so that the child will fully understand the decision he or she is making.

Baby/Child Dedication is available for children younger than Grade 1 to allow parents the privilege of deciding to raise their kids to love and honor Jesus Christ. For information on scheduling a baby dedication, contact us.