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Missing your Lakeside friends? Join an Online Group. Starting this May 10th our groups will be going online through Zoom so you can see and hear each other and encourage one another in Christ. On May 17th our classes for adults will go online.

Our Online Group opportunities are listed for you at www.lakesidechristian.com/groups. Choose a group from the menu and we’ll be sure you get connected. If you are already part of a group or joining one for the first time, your group leader will send you an email with and invitation to your Zoom group meeting.

If you have been attending our Faithweavers Class (9:00 am), True Believers (10:30 am), or Young Bereans (10:30 am) classes you will receive an email invitation for your online class before Sunday, May 17th. If you would like to join one of these classes, connect with Jay@lakesidechristian.com or let us know during the online service chat by typing “interested in an online class”.

Give an online group and/or class a try!

Lakeside Lunchtime

Would you appreciate some timely biblical teaching in the middle of your week? Join Dr. Jon Morrissette for Lakeside Lunchtime every Wednesday at 12:00 pm. Tune in to Lakeside Christian Church on Facebook each week for the live-stream. If you miss the live-stream, you can go back and watch previous Lakeside Lunchtimes at any time. 

Lakeside Missions

Pioneer Bible Translators Update

Jeff & Laura both continue their labors of leadership and Bible translation with Jeff being required to make constant decisions regarding those on the field. Of note, they are planning to visit Lakeside in July – hope we can make that a special event for them & fellow-Lakesiders! Through your offerings we were able to respond to PBT's request for bags of rice to help feed hungry families impacted by the pandemic. 

To help you can PRAY:  

1) For Jeff personally and PBT corporately as so many unexpected, unknown challenges face laborers.  

2) Ask God to protect the many villages and huge numbers of people who have no means to protect themselves from Covid 19.  

3) Pray for peace to reign in the region.

4) Answered Prayer on behalf of Jeff & team-mates during recent travels & translation conferences – Praise the Lord! 

Taking Christ to Millions Institute Update

During Covid-19, sessions will be delivered fully online using our distance delivery technology. Classes occurring at in-country mentoring centers will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis regarding course delivery, having international faculty is a big plus for TCM. TCM staff will work from home during the stay-at-home orders in place in the various states and countries. Ministry operations continue - they just look different. No courses are being cancelled.  

To help you can PRAY:  

1) Pray alongside the staff- "TCM’s Executive Leadership Team continues to monitor the developments and will adjust ministry operations accordingly; and I encourage you during this time to devote more time to prayer, spending time in God’s Word and in His Presence. May we see these restrictions and changes as a gift of time – time to be redeemed and used for God’s kingdom purposes and to position us for even more effective ministry ahead! Let us go about our work diligently and faithfully, entrusting ourselves and TCM to God’s mighty hand."  

Lewis Memorial Christian Village Update

During this time of Covid-19, to help you can PRAY:   

1) The Lord will draw both staff & residents to Himself during these prolonged days of isolation.    

Lee Elementary Update

Due to Covid-19, school is cancelled until Apr. 30 for now. Teachers doing e-learning remotely. Much worry for underprivileged kids who don't have resources for food and e-learning at this time.  

To help you can PRAY:

1) For kids in low income, under resourced, and abusive homes  

2) For teachers/staff who are missing their students and trying to teach remotely  

3) How you can donate essential items when we have a drive for families in need at Lee 

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Child Dedication Celebration

Saturday, May 30 / 9:30AM
The Child Dedication Celebration provides the parents and families of infants and young children an opportunity to dedicate their children to the Lord. During this experience, parents affirm their own faith in Jesus Christ and promise to model and teach that faith to their children. At the same time, the church body agrees to walk alongside parents in a spiritual partnership. Before dedicating your child, we ask parents to register with Jessica McCormick, Lakeside's Early Childhood Director.

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