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NameDescriptionScheduleAverage AgeTarget AgeRegister
Adaramola, Akindele and DorcasThis group meets during 3rd service on Sunday mornings for those who are unable to participate during the week. (Children's Programming Available)Sunday at 11:30 AM48Everyone
Brooks, Jay & MelaniCrows MillWednesday at 6:30 PM47Everyone
Burnley, Shawn & CaraMeets at Lakeside This group targets1st RespondersSunday at 5:00 PM42Everyone
GRP_55+Group of individual 55 years old and older who gather for social activities. 71Everyone
Hannah, Mike & TraciDivernonWednesday at 6:30 PM47Everyone
Hayes, TomLakesideWednesday at 6:00 PM59Everyone
Huber, OliviaChatham (Young Adults)Monday at 7:00 PM27Everyone
Jones, Nathan & KacieLake Pointe Subdivision Co-led by Nathan Jones and Todd Abel (Children's programming available)Monday at 6:00 PM37Adults
Lack, Gaylin & Ulla Wednesday at 7:00 PM67Adults
Leonard, NickYoung AdultsTuesday at 8:00 PM25Everyone
Morrissette, Jon & LaraLakewind AcresWednesday at 6:00 PM46Adults
Paustian, Don & SandyLakeside Christian ChurchTuesday at 6:30 PM67Everyone
Pickett, Robin & SueRochester/SpringfieldSunday at 5:30 PM54Everyone
Rhoads, Derek & DebraLaketown (Young Adults)Monday at 6:00 PM29Everyone
Stayton, Walter & BrendaLake PointeWednesday at 7:00 PM68Everyone
Stevenson, JD & KarenFranklin ParkSunday at 5:00 PM51Everyone
Teefey, John and LindseyWoodside township Co-led by John Teefey and Ben Snider (Children's programming available)Monday at 6:00 PM35Adults
Vetter, Jim & CherylJames St near Hyde park (Children's Programming Available)Monday at 6:00 PM55Everyone