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NameDescriptionScheduleAverage AgeTarget AgeRegister
Abel, Todd & ErinLaketown (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM39Everyone
Adaramola, Akindele & DorcasLakeside, Chapel (Childcare Provided by Group)Sunday at 11:45 AM45Everyone
Brooks, Jay & MelaniLake Pointe (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM49Everyone
CLS_BibleBasicsIn this 8-week class you will learn to navigate your Bible and enhance your understanding of God's plan throughout history.Sunday at 9:00 AM41Adults
CLS_FinlPeaceUBiblical principles of handling money.Monday at 6:30 PM40Adults
CLS_Parenting ElectiveParenting classSunday41Adults
CLS_WomenStudy_PMWomen’s Bible Study. What do you do when it seems that God isn’t fixing things in your life? How do we learn to walk in God’s plans instead of our own? Join a group of Lakeside women for a five-session DVD study called When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story. The group will be meeting on Mondays at 6:30 pm in the High School Room (Rm 128) starting September 18. Childcare is available upon request.Monday at 6:30 PM47Everyone
Hannah, Mike & TraciVirdenWednesday at 7:00 PM53Everyone
Hayes, TomLakeside, Chapel (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM63Everyone
Huber, OliviaChatham (Young Adults)Monday at 7:00 PM23Everyone
Jones, Nathan & KacieLake Pointe (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM38Adults
Lack, Gaylin & UllaLake PointeWednesday at 7:00 PM68Adults
Lane, Cody & AlexisClocktower (Young Families)Sunday at 7:00 PM25Everyone
Lee MentorshipThose who are involved in the Mentorship Reading Program at Lee Elementary 0Everyone
Morrissette, Jon & LaraLakewind Acres (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM47Adults
Owen, Brad & ChristenNear Southwind ParkWednesday at 6:00 PM36Everyone
Pickett, Robin & SueRochester/SpringfieldSunday at 5:30 PM53Everyone
Rhoads, Derek & DebraDeerwood Lake (Young Families) (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM29Young Adults
Stayton, Walter & BrendaLake PointeWednesday at 7:00 PM68Everyone
Stevenson, JD & KarenFranklin ParkSunday at 5:00 PM48Everyone
Teefey/SniderHyde Park (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM35Adults
Vetter, Jim & CherylJames Street, near Hyde ParkMonday at 6:00 PM55Everyone