WInter/SPring Groups @ Lakeside

Groups are a great way to become a deeper part of community at Lakeside while digging into God’s Word. This winter/spring we are offering three options for participants.

1. Sermon-Based Groups. The first option is our regular sermon-based groups offered throughout the week. For these groups you will listen to the weekly sermon and complete a few study-guide questions each week before meeting to discuss, encourage, and sharpen one another. This winter we will be in the book of Galatians with a sermon series called, “Soul Freedom”. Join us in celebrating the many freedoms we find in Christ.

2. Triads. The second option is the idea of Triads. If you can’t find a match in our group offerings, you can form a triad. These are small groups of 3-6 which can meet before work, after the kids are in bed, or possibly over lunch. Triads can be formed of couples, men only, or women only. Triads are sermon-based and will use our “Soul Freedom” study-guide booklet. Meeting with a small group of believers even through these difficult times is a great way to continue in growing your faith. If you would like to start a triad, gather your group and let us know of your plans at

3. Rooted Groups. The third option is our Rooted groups. Rooted groups are a great way to ground your faith on God’s Word. These groups entail the purchase of a book, commitments for daily study, a regular participation commitment, and some “outside-the-regular-group-meeting-time” events. Over 50 Lakesiders have participated in a Rooted Group in recent months and we want you to have the opportunity as well. We believe every follower of Christ would greatly benefit from this 10-week commitment.

Begin thinking of which type of group you would like to be a part of when groups start up the week of January 10th. Sign up early as our number of groups is limited. As we plan to meet in groups we want to do so carefully as we continue to deal with COVID-19. Groups members are encouraged to use masks, socially space, wash hands, and sanitize. At this point, we do not have children’s programming in place so our groups with parents of young children will have to find creative ways to adapt. Some groups may plan to meet via Zoom. Some may meet with men and women separately or in triads. Check out our list of current group offerings below and sign signup today.

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