Groups at Lakeside

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NameDescriptionScheduleAverage AgeTarget AgeRegister
Abel, Todd & ErinLaketown (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM37Everyone
Adaramola, Akindele & DorcasLakeside, Chapel (Childcare Provided by Group)Sunday at 11:45 AM42Everyone
Brooks Tuesday GroupJames Street, near Hyde ParkTuesday at 6:30 PM45Everyone
Brooks Wednesday GroupDeerwood LakeWednesday at 6:30 PM53Everyone
Hayes, TomLakeside, Chapel (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM62Everyone
HS Youth GroupList of HS students that have attended HS youth group.Sunday at 6:00 PM0Everyone
JH Youth GroupList of junior high students that have attended JH youth group.Sunday at 5:30 PM0Everyone
Jones, Nathan & KacieLake Pointe (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM38Adults
Laird, Dave & RuthLocation To Be DeterminedThursday at 6:30 PM52Everyone
Lane, Cody & AlexisLaketown (Young Families)Sunday at 7:00 PM25Everyone
Mom's GroupA list of women participating in the play group and/or book study with Mom's GroupTuesday at 9:00 AM35Everyone
Morrissette, Jon & LaraLakewind Acres (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM48Adults
OliviaChatham (Young Adults)Tuesday at 6:00 PM25Everyone
Owen, Brad & Christen and Lack, Dan and JodyLakepointe Sub Division (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM36Everyone
Pickett, Robin & SueRochester/SpringfieldSunday at 5:30 PM55Everyone
Snider, Ben & HeatherHyde Park (Children's Programming Available)Wednesday at 6:00 PM36Adults
Stayton, Walter & BrendaLake PointeWednesday at 6:30 PM67Everyone
Stevenson, JD & KarenFranklin ParkSunday at 5:00 PM52Everyone
Vetter, Jim & CherylJames Street, near Hyde ParkMonday at 6:00 PM53Everyone