Scripture Verses

Mark 6:30-8:21

Worship Playlist

Christ Be Magnified by Cody Carnes

Great Are You Lord by All Sons & Daughters

Christ Is Enough by Hillsong

Never Gonna Stop Singing by Jesus Culture

Study Questions

  1. Bread is one of the most tangible human needs. Beyond food, what are some of the most critical needs people have? What is a big need that you see in the Springfield community right now? How would you dream that the church could respond to that need?
  2. Read Mark 6:34. We can be very hard on people with overwhelming needs. What insight does Jesus give about people in need? What is hard about shepherding people through need? Why is it easier to just give bread or throw a day wages at problems?   
  3. Read Mark 6:45-56 and compare it to Mark 4:35-41. What lesson were the disciples failing to grasp about Jesus? How might the crowds have reflected a deeper understanding of Jesus' power?  
  4. Survey Mark 6:30-Mark 8:21. How many times does "bread" or "yeast" come up in these verses? How does Jesus use bread as an object lesson to drive home deeper spiritual truths to the various groups of people?  
  5. What was the key lesson for the Twelve (6:30-56)? The 5000? The Elders (7:1-23)? The Greek woman and other 'unclean' people (Mark 7:24-37)? The 4000 (8:1-10)? The Pharisees and Herod (8:11-21)?  
  6. Sometimes our tangible needs can distract us from seeing deeper spiritual needs. How can we better respond to people at their deepest point of need and not only their immediate felt needs?  
  7. Of all the examples that appear in these verses, which story speaks to you the most? How is God inviting you to more tangibly trust Jesus as the Bread of Life?  
  8. Pray the week 7 prayer and take communion together.   


Prayer: Lord our God, King of the Universe, you bring forth bread from the heavens. You not only supply us our daily bread, but you have given us Jesus, the Bread of Life. We do not presume to come to you trusting in our own righteousness, but only depending on your mercy and grace. May our hunger for the Bread of Life be so great that other tangible needs never eclipse our deeper spiritual needs. As we find nourishment from Jesus, may we share that bread with those around us who are spiritually starving.  

Bread for Dirty Hands

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 2/23/2020