Scripture Verses

Mark 2:1-3:6; Matthew 28:20

Worship Playlist

Faithful to the End by Bethel Music

Tremble by Mosaic MSC

Great Are You Lord by All Sons and Daughters

O Come to the Altar by Elevation Worship

Study Questions

  1. What are the most audacious actions you've ever taken to help someone in need? What happened?  
  2. What was the primary concern of the four men in Mark 2:1-4? What were they willing to do for their friend? Who are you most concerned about and trying to help right now?
  3. What was the primary (not only) concern of Jesus in Mark 2:5? Why is forgiveness such an urgent matter?   
  4. Read Mark 2:13-17. What categories of people are most difficult for religious people to understand? Who are the modern equivalent of "tax collectors and sinners" today? Why is it difficult to eat with people who are radically different than yourself? Why is it important to do it anyway?  
  5. What physical obstacles prevent people from knowing Jesus (Mark 2:1-12)? What spiritual attitudes prevent people from knowing Jesus (Mark 2:13-28)? What barriers might you unknowingly be creating?  
  6. What was the primary concern of the religious authorities throughout this chapter (v. 6, 16, 18, 24)? Why did these things matter to them? What types of things do we obsess about today?  
  7. Why are religious people so protective of their rules and traditions? How does our obsession with religious rules and traditions block people from discovering God's grace?  
  8. Read Mark 2:23-28, 3:1-6. Is our religion a means of serving people, or are people a means of serving our religion? What kind of fruit are you bearing in your relationship with Jesus? Are you growing in compassion?    


At the Lakeside Bookshelf:

Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of The Son of God by Timothy Keller

Let's Wreck the Roof

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 1/12/2020