Scripture Verses

Genesis 4:26-7

Worship Playlist

Morning by Morning by Pat Barrett

Holy Holy Holy (We Bow Before Thee) by Shane & Shane

Behold the Lamb by Passion

Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

Study Questions

  1. What have you found most interesting in Genesis so far? What do you think are the most important truths you’ve learned so far?
  2. Who is the main plot of Genesis about? Who is the writer anticipating generation after generation?
  3. What was so hopeful about people like Abel and Seth (Genesis 4), Enosh (Genesis 4:26), Enoch (Genesis 5:24), and Noah (Genesis 5:29)?
  4. How would you describe the days of Noah (Genesis 6:1-7)?
  5. Read Romans 1:18-32. Where do you see parallels between Romans 1:18-32 and our own day?
  6. What do you find most incredible about the Genesis 6-7 account of the flood?
  7. Jesus clearly believed in a historical Noah and Flood. How did Jesus apply this to his coming Kingdom (Luke 17:26-37)?
  8. Read Hebrews 2:1-4. How shall we escape the inevitably of our death and God’s coming wrath?

Madness of God's Wrath

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 10/10/2021