Scripture Verses

Genesis 21-27; Luke 22:40; John 8:49-58; Romans 8:31-39

Worship Playlist

Follow You Anywhere by Passion

How Deep the Father's Love for Us by Revere

Living Hope by Bethel Music

Study Questions

1. What has been the overarching theme or promise of the Genesis narrative?

2. What is the significance of Isaac’s birth and life in the overarching narrative of salvation in Jesus?

3. Consider Genesis 21:17-21. Do you have a testimony of how God provided for you in crisis?

4. As a good father, what are some ways Abraham provides for his only son Isaac?

5. What extraordinary request does God make of Abraham in Genesis 22? How can a good God make such a request?

6. Read Genesis 22:8. In what way does Abraham demonstrate confidence in God’s good nature? What’s his expectation?

7. Read Genesis 22 in its entirety. In what specific way did God indeed “provide” for Abraham and Isaac?

8. Read Romans 8:31-39. What price was God willing to pay that he’s never required any human father to pay?

9. Read John 8:30-59  In what way was God giving Abraham a preview of the coming salvation found in Jesus? Like Isaac, did Jesus have full knowledge that he himself would be a sacrifice? If so, why did Jesus still choose to obey the Father? What did God ultimately do after the cross? What is our hope?

Madness of Life

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 11/7/2021