Scripture Verses

Matthew 13: 1-9; 19-23

Worship Playlist

  • A Million Saints - Meredith Andrews
  • Good Good Father - Chris Tomlin
  • What a Beautiful Name - Hillsong Worship
  • Sound of Adoration - Jesus Culture 

Study Questions

  1. What are some "seeds" you sowed yesterday that you are reaping the fruit of today (Consider positive or negative examples)?
  2. Read Matthew 13:18-23. What type of soil are you?
  3. Read Isaiah 55:8-11. What does God reveal about the power and effectiveness of His Word?
  4. Read Acts 2:42-46. What were some of the early Church's habits? What keeps us from practicing these?
  5. Read Matthew 7:24-28. Can you think of examples when you have seen these verses played out in your life or family? Are the benefits always realized in this life?
  6. What action step will you take in 2019? How can you grow in the priority of the Word?


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People of Scripture

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 1/6/2019