Scripture Verses

Matthew 22:1-14, Luke 14:18-20, Hebrews 10:24-25

Worship Playlist

  • The Lion and The Lamb - Bethel
  • Grateful - Elevation Worship
  • Good Good Father - Chris Tomlin
  • Living Hope - Phil Wickham

Study Questions

  1. If you discovered you had a short time to live, what would become your most urgent priorities?
  2. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. What season of life do you find yourself in? How might a person's priorities change depending on the season they are in?
  3. Read James 4:13-17, What attitude about life does James warn against? What does he prescribe as a remedy?
  4. Read Matthew 22:1-14. What relevance does this parable have to the Church today?
  5. Read Hebrews 10:19-25. What are some reasons believers neglect community together? Why should gathering together be a priority in light of the day of Christ "drawing near?"
  6. Read John 9:4. How would you describe God's most important priority, or work, for your life?

Downloads & Resources

People of Urgency

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 3/31/2019