Scripture Verses

1 Peter 4:12-19; 1:5-9; Romans 8:28-39, John 12:27-28

Worship Playlist

God of the Promise by Elevation Worship    

Living Hope by Bethany Wohrle

Prepare Him Room by Paul Baloche

Forever Reign by Hillsong

Study Questions

  1. Read about a fiery ordeal in Daniel 3:8-25. What was the attitude of the three men?
  2. When have you suffered for doing good? Did it strengthen or weaken your faith?
  3. Why is suffering associated with God's glory?
  4. Read Acts 6:8-60. What do you learn about suffering from the account of Stephen?


Read and reread 1 Peter each week over this sermon series. One of the shorter books of the Bible, it takes just 16 minutes to read. The full text is in your Stand Firm sermon series booklet. You can also read it or listen to it read in various translations at 

Stand Firm in the Face of Suffering

Dr. Jon Morrissette - 11/29/2020
1 Peter  Embolden  Obedience  Perseverance  Suffering