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Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible Translators is a mission that works to make the Bible accessible to the multitude of people groups around the world who need the Bible translated to their heart languages. In this ministry, we specifically support Jeff and Laura Wilhoit, who have served with PBT through translating the Bible for the Toma people of West Africa. We also support translators Jim and Karen Bettison. 

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Missions Updates

Pioneer Bible Translators Update

Jeff & Laura both continue their labors of leadership and Bible translation with Jeff being required to make constant decisions regarding those on the field. Of note, they are planning to visit Lakeside in July – hope we can make that a special event for them & fellow-Lakesiders! Through your offerings we were able to respond to PBT's request for bags of rice to help feed hungry families impacted by the pandemic. 

To help you can PRAY:  

1) For Jeff personally and PBT corporately as so many unexpected, unknown challenges face laborers.  

2) Ask God to protect the many villages and huge numbers of people who have no means to protect themselves from Covid 19.  

3) Pray for peace to reign in the region.

4) Answered Prayer on behalf of Jeff & team-mates during recent travels & translation conferences – Praise the Lord!