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Missions Updates

Myanmar Hope Update

Sunny Dahlquist and a mission team recently returned from Myanmar, where they delivered the prayer cards and greetings Lakesiders wrote to the conference of NW Churches. Pray for the Myanmar churches, their fellowship, unity, and Christian education. Pray for their health during the current pandemic. Through your offerings Lakeside was able to purchase large bags of rice to help feed hungry families impacted by the pandemic. Families were blessed to be able to carry their rice bags miles back to their homes.

To help you can PRAY:  

1) God’s protection over those in the villages as well as the HBS students & staff.  

2) The dorm & study areas are definitely small spaces with many present.    

Mission Spotlight: September

During September, we are spotlighting one of our global missions: Myanmar Hope Christian Mission! Their vision is to bring the eternal hope of Jesus to the people of Myanmar through addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of their community. Myanmar Hope operates a boarding school for disadvantaged children, equips and trains church leaders, organizes regional church conferences, provides local jobs through sustainable farming, provides outreach initiatives, and assists the needs of the widowed, disabled, and destitute in their community.

Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for 12 years of ministry!
  • Pray pastors & church leaders will study the Word and convey God's message well.
  • Pray the Pre-school and Boarding School students will be salt and light in their communities.
  • Thank God for success with the East/West Garden farm and the opportunities to initiate conversations with those of different beliefs and values.
  • Pray God will grant favor and success with all the officials as the leaders make decisions affecting the people and scope of ministry.
  • Pray for the continued generosity of Lakesiders as we provide partial support for four pastors and assist with the schools.

Lakeside Helps with a New Church Building

Through your offerings at Lakeside we are able to provide monthly support to Myanmar Hope Christian Mission. In recent months we were able to send an additional gift to help with the construction of the Homalin Church. The Christians at Homalin have been praying for ten years to have a new building for worship services. They have watched patiently as My Hope has helped to build one new church building after another in places like Namihan, Valpabung, Khamphat, Tingkaya, Kanan, and so on. Now, they finally have their turn! They are so excited! Pray for the impact this church will have for God’s Kingdom in Myanmar.