Pledging (Baptism)

Baptism  Following Jesus 

Hebrews 6:2. Christian Basics: What is Baptsm?

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The Faith All Can Live

Baptism  Believe  Body of Christ  Confession  Faith  Preach  Repentance  Restoration Movement 

The simple message of salvation in the Christian Churches

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Stand Firm In True Allegiance to Christ

1 Peter  Baptism  Bodily Resurrection  Gospel  Jesus-Resurrection  Noah  Suffering 

1 Peter 3:18-4:6. Baptism is pledging our true allegiance to God

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Being Baptized into Christ


Baptism is a response of faith and obedience to salvation.

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New Life

Baptism  Bodily Resurrection  Godliness  Romans 

Faith and baptism mark the beginning of New Life for the believer.

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Deeper Life

2_Follower  Baptism  Godliness  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity  Romans  Sin  Worship 

The believer is to go on growing toward maturity, deepening his or her roots in Christ.

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Our Past

Baptism  Forgiveness  Growth  Maturity 

New Life in Christ begins with forgiveness.

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But Now in Christ

Baptism  Condemned  Ephesians  Faith  Fleshly  Gospel  Grace  Loved  Raised  Sin  Spiritual Warfare  Spiritually Dead  Works 

Ephesians 2:1-10. Made Alive in Christ Jesus by grace, through Faith

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