Becoming Accountable

Accountability  Body of Christ  Discipleship  Following Jesus  Growth  Paul  Philippians 

Philippians 1:1-2. Paul helped Timothy and the Philippians grow through accountability

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Stand Firm When You are Scattered

1 Peter  Discipleship  Flourishing  Growth  Maturity 

1 Peter 1:22-2:3. How God causes His scattered people to grow and flourish.

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Mustering Up Willpower

Discipleship  Empower  Empowerment  Growth  Philippians  Spiritual Warfare 

Philippians 1:6. God enables all spiritual growth to occur.

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Knowing Christ

Believe  Growth  Hope  Knowledge  Maturity  Passion  Philippians  Train 

Philippians 3:10-21. The greatest ambition is to know Jesus Christ fully.

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Worship: Moving Beyond Ritual

Growth  Heart  Maturity  Passion  Revival  Worship 

A healthy church puts Christ in the middle of everything.

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Deeper Life

2_Follower  Baptism  Godliness  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity  Romans  Sin  Worship 

The believer is to go on growing toward maturity, deepening his or her roots in Christ.

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Contagious Life

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Confession  Godliness  Growth  Maturity  Missional Life  Romans 

We can help people become rescued through the good new of Jesus Christ.

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Promise and Hope

5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Bodily Resurrection  Cross  Godliness  Growth  Hope  Maturity  Romans  Suffering 

The believer is promised resurrection and life.

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Our Past

Baptism  Forgiveness  Growth  Maturity 

New Life in Christ begins with forgiveness.

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Our Present

Growth  Maturity 

The Christian grows through various stages of maturity from seed to orchard.

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Our Heart

Growth  Heart  Maturity  Repentance  Sanctification  Train 

God invites us to love with him with all our heart.

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Our Mind

Feelings  Growth  Ideas  Images  Information  Knowledge  Mind  Pornography  Sanctification  Thoughts  Train  Understanding 

God invites us to love with him with all our mind.

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Our Feelings

Depression  Emotions  Feelings  Growth  Idolatry  Maturity  Media  Mind  Thoughts  Train 

God invites us to love with him with all our mind (feelings/emotions).

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Our Body

Beauty  Bodily Resurrection  Body  Growth  Health  Holy Spirit  Images  Maturity  Media  Pornography  Train  Worship 

God invites us to love with him with all our body.

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Our Soul

Growth  Hope  Maturity  Sanctification  Soul  Train  Worship 

God invites us to love with him with all our soul.

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Our Relationships

Growth  Love  Maturity  Sanctification 

God invites us to love our neighbors as our own selves.

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Our Future

Accountability  Growth  Maturity  Sin  Train 

The Christian life is a continual, lifelong pursuit of spiritual transformation

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Moving Toward Maturity

2_Follower  Discipleship  Growth  Hebrews  Maturity 

Hebrews 5:11-14, Hebrews 6:1-3. A Christ follower moves beyond the elementary to the deepest things of Christ and his Kingdom

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Building Our Hope

Growth  Hebrews  Hope  Maturity  Train 

Hebrews 6:1-20. The Christian life is a life of progress, growth, and great hope.

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God's Son: Do You Know Jesus Christ?

1_Seeker  Discipleship  Growth  Knowledge  Maturity 

A relationship with God begins with knowing basic truths about Jesus.

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God's Son: Are You Growing in Jesus Christ?

2_Follower  3_Influencer  4_Shepherd  Discipleship  Growth  Knowledge  Maturity 

God desires that we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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God's Son: Are You Standing Firm in Jesus Christ?

5_Leader  Courage  Discipleship  Growth  Maturity 

In time, we must learn to stand firm in Christ Jesus.

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God's Spirit: Do You Listen to the Holy Spirit?

1_Seeker  2_Follower  3_Influencer  Discipleship  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity 

The Holy Spirit enables us to have a relationship with God.

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God's Family: Are You Connected?

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Body of Christ  Connect  Discipleship  Growth  Hospitality  Love  Maturity 

We ought to experience genuine love within Christ family.

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