A Healthy Church Values Exaltation

Exaltation  Worship 

A healthy church engages in a lifestyle of worship.

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Defusing Explosive Anger

Anger  Bullying  Conflict  Speech  Worship 

Matthew 5:21-26. Jesus teaches us how to defuse anger before it destroys us.

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Discovering True Religion

Generosity  Matthew  Prayer  Religion  Worship 

Matthew 6:1-18. Jesus teaches the true nature of worship that pleases God.

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He Is Fully Worthy

Christmas  Jesus-Identity  Worship 

The only proper response to Jesus is complete worship.

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Moses, Encountering God

Grace  Holiness  Moses  Worship 

Moses encounters the Living God in His limitlessness, holiness, and grace.

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Stand Firm as the End of All Things Nears

1 Peter  Embolden  End Times  Hope  Hospitality  Jesus-Return  Judgement  Prayer  Preach  Spiritual Gifts  Time  Worship 

1 Peter 4:7-11. May we live our lives expectantly, knowing that the end is near.

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Confessing your Faith

Believe  Confess  Confession  Faith  Speech  Witness  Worship 

We freely confess Jesus out of the overflow of our relationship with Him.

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The Bible: Foundation for Spiritual Health

Believe  Bible  Education  Worship 

The Bible is the foundation for healthy churches.

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Worship: Moving Beyond Ritual

Growth  Heart  Maturity  Passion  Revival  Worship 

A healthy church puts Christ in the middle of everything.

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Prayer: Moving Beyond Small Talk

Prayer  Revival  Worship 

Healthy churches cultivate a deep heart for prayer

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Deeper Life

2_Follower  Baptism  Godliness  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity  Romans  Sin  Worship 

The believer is to go on growing toward maturity, deepening his or her roots in Christ.

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Our Body

Beauty  Bodily Resurrection  Body  Growth  Health  Holy Spirit  Images  Maturity  Media  Pornography  Train  Worship 

God invites us to love with him with all our body.

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Our Soul

Growth  Hope  Maturity  Sanctification  Soul  Train  Worship 

God invites us to love with him with all our soul.

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Ephesians  Grace  Gratitude  Hope  Loving Jesus  Worship 

Ephesians 1:3. The Gospel reorients toward praise, authority, hope and grace.

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Approaching God Confidently

Communion  Ephesians  Grace  Growth  Humility  Loving Jesus  Prayer  Purity  Worship 

Ephesians 3:12-21. Approaching God with Confidence in Christ.

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Education  Finding God  Freedom  Gospel  History  Worship 

Gospel Story (Part 2 of 8): Choices

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