Death of Truth

1_Seeker  Agnostic  Atheism  Believe  Creation  Godliness  Romans 

Faith begins with believing God exists.

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The Slippery Slope

1_Seeker  Agnostic  Atheism  Despair  Godliness  Purpose  Romans 

Atheism is a slippery slope of continual decline.

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Ultimate Consequences

1_Seeker  Agnostic  Atheism  Godliness  Hypocrisy  Judgement  Judging  Legalism  Pride  Romans 

There is a eternal difference in God's eyes between those who "in Christ" and those who do not believe.

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Divine Intervention

1_Seeker  Cross  Godliness  Gospel  Justification  Romans 

On the cross, Jesus Christ intervened on behalf of humankind.

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New Life

Baptism  Bodily Resurrection  Godliness  Romans 

Faith and baptism mark the beginning of New Life for the believer.

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Deeper Life

2_Follower  Baptism  Godliness  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity  Romans  Sin  Worship 

The believer is to go on growing toward maturity, deepening his or her roots in Christ.

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Contagious Life

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Confession  Godliness  Growth  Maturity  Missional Life  Romans 

We can help people become rescued through the good new of Jesus Christ.

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Promise and Hope

5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Bodily Resurrection  Cross  Godliness  Growth  Hope  Maturity  Romans  Suffering 

The believer is promised resurrection and life.

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Lasting Change

Ephesians  Godliness  Growth  Sanctification  Transformation  Ungodliness 

Ephesians 4:17-24. How God Turn Ungodly Toward Godliness

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