A Healthy Church Values Equipping

Equip  Equipping  Serving 

A healthy church equips every member to serve.

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Using Your Spiritual Gifts

Build  Equip  Equipping  Serving  Spiritual Gifts  Stewardship 

Becoming good stewards of our spiritual gifts

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Staff Led

5_Leader  Build  Care  Church  Equip  Equipping  Preach 

A priority of kingdom leaders is equipping the body of Christ.

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Congregation Serving

4_Shepherd  Build  Church  Equip  Equipping  Expectations  Kingdom Life  Pastor 

How the Church can be mobilized to serve.

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Graced by God

Build  Ephesians  Equip  Equipping  Grace  Purpose  Serving  Spiritual Gifts  Stewardship 

Ephesians 4:7-16. God has graced us with gifts to serve.

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