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Discovering True Religion

Generosity  Matthew  Prayer  Religion  Worship 

Matthew 6:1-18. Jesus teaches the true nature of worship that pleases God.

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Investing for Eternity

Generosity  Greed  Materialism  Matthew  Money 

Matthew 6:19-23. Jesus teaches us how to be set free from materialism.

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Mastering Your Money

Generosity  Greed  Money  Stewardship  Wealth 

Becoming good stewards of our money (wealth)

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Finding Contentment

Contentment  Generosity  Gratitude  Happiness  Joy  Materialism  Money  Philippians  Wealth 

Philippians 4:10-20. God gives us the strength to find contentment.

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The Grace of Giving

Generosity  Money  Partner  Tithe 

We can trust God financially no matter how extreme our circumstances.

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The Heart of Giving

Generosity  Money  Motivations  Partner  Tithe 

Grace drives our generosity into a whole other stratosphere.

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The Administration of Giving

Generosity  Money  Partner  Stewardship  Tithe 

Leaders must administer God's gifts with discipline and integrity.

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The Rewards of Giving

Gambling  Generosity  Money  Partner  Stewardship  Tithe  Wealth 

Practicing generosity is the key to financial security.

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