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Investing for Eternity

Generosity  Greed  Materialism  Matthew  Money 

Matthew 6:19-23. Jesus teaches us how to be set free from materialism.

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Why Worry?

Anxiety  Materialism  Matthew  Money  Worry 

Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus teaches us how to break the stranglehold of worry.

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Sharing Your Possessions

Greed  Happiness  Idolatry  Materialism  Media  Possessions  Simplicity  Stewardship 

Becoming good stewards of our possessions and all that "stuff."

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Finding Contentment

Contentment  Generosity  Gratitude  Happiness  Joy  Materialism  Money  Philippians  Wealth 

Philippians 4:10-20. God gives us the strength to find contentment.

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Finding Contentment

Contentment  Hebrews  Materialism  Money  Wealth 

Hebrews 13:1-5. The key to satisfaction in life is to look to Jesus.

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Jesus on Self-Image

Anxiety  Materialism  Money  Possessions  Self Esteem  Self Worth  Stress  Worry 

Jesus establishes our worth to that we can free from the control of things.

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Passion for Eternity

Eternal Life  Greed  Hope  Life  Materialism 

Jesus passionately prepared people for eternal life.

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The Abundance Mindset

Consumerism  Ephesians  Grace  Gratitude  Greed  Materialism  Wealth 

Ephesians 1:7-8. The Thanksgiving Mindset of Christ Followers.

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