Finding True Happiness

Happiness  Matthew 

Matthew 5:1-12. Jesus shares keys to a life of happiness and joy.

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Moving Beyond Legalism

Freedom  Grace  Matthew 

Matthew 5:17-20. Jesus sets us free from legalistic spirituality.

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Retaliating in a Christian Manner

Anger  Divorce  Enemies  Hate  Injustice  Love  Matthew  Revenge 

Matthew 5:38-47. Jesus urges us to face all injustice with extreme faith.

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Discovering True Religion

Generosity  Matthew  Prayer  Religion  Worship 

Matthew 6:1-18. Jesus teaches the true nature of worship that pleases God.

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Praying with Power

Matthew  Prayer 

Matthew 6:1-15. Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray effectively.

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Investing for Eternity

Generosity  Greed  Materialism  Matthew  Money 

Matthew 6:19-23. Jesus teaches us how to be set free from materialism.

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Why Worry?

Anxiety  Materialism  Matthew  Money  Worry 

Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus teaches us how to break the stranglehold of worry.

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Should We Judge?

Judging  Matthew  Tolerance 

Matthew 7:1-5. Jesus starkly warns us about our attitudes toward others.

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The Golden Rule

Enemies  Goodness of God  Gratitude  Love  Matthew  Revenge  Tragedy 

Matthew 7:7-12. Jesus affirms the goodness of God as a pattern for relationships.

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The Narrow Way

Brave  Embolden  Matthew  Obedience 

Matthew 7:13-14. Jesus invites us to walk a different path than culture.

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Beware of False Teachers

Enlist  Greed  Matthew  Pastor  Preach  Protect  Teach  Truth 

Matthew 7:16-23. Jesus offers a stark warning about false teachers and prophets.

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Building Wisely

Bible  Matthew  Obedience  Truth  Wisdom 

Matthew 7:24-27. Jesus teaches about how to wisely build our lives on his word.

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