Sharing Your Possessions

Greed  Happiness  Idolatry  Materialism  Media  Possessions  Simplicity  Stewardship 

Becoming good stewards of our possessions and all that "stuff."

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Stand Firm Though the Devil Prowls

1 Peter  Anxiety  Fear  Humility  Media  Pastor  Protect  Satan  Self Pity  Social Media  Worry 

1 Peter 5:6-14. How God protects his flock from the roaring Lion

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Thinking Purely

Media  Mind  Philippians  Sexuality  Social Media  Thoughts  Train 

Philippians 4:8-9. The key to a transformed life is a transformed mind.

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Our Feelings

Depression  Emotions  Feelings  Growth  Idolatry  Maturity  Media  Mind  Thoughts  Train 

God invites us to love with him with all our mind (feelings/emotions).

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Our Body

Beauty  Bodily Resurrection  Body  Growth  Health  Holy Spirit  Images  Maturity  Media  Pornography  Train  Worship 

God invites us to love with him with all our body.

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Seeing Reality

Crime  Discipline  Greed  Media  Mind  Money  Proverbs  Sexuality  Sin  Sluggard  Sobriety  Social Media  Wisdom 

A key to successful living is dealing with reality, and seeing choices for what they truly are.

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