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Contagious Life

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Confession  Godliness  Growth  Maturity  Missional Life  Romans 

We can help people become rescued through the good new of Jesus Christ.

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3_Influencer  Confess  Missional Life  Teach 

Anyone can share the good news of Jesus with the right tools.

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3_Influencer  Confess  Connect  Evangelism  Missional Life 

People effectively share their faith with others using a variety of styles.

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3_Influencer  Cultivate  Evangelism  Missional Life  Prayer 

Prayer is a powerful way to cultivate receptivity to Christ.

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God's Son: Are You Growing in Jesus Christ?

2_Follower  3_Influencer  4_Shepherd  Discipleship  Growth  Knowledge  Maturity 

God desires that we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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God's Spirit: Do You Listen to the Holy Spirit?

1_Seeker  2_Follower  3_Influencer  Discipleship  Growth  Holy Spirit  Maturity 

The Holy Spirit enables us to have a relationship with God.

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God's Family: Are You Connected?

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Body of Christ  Connect  Discipleship  Growth  Hospitality  Love  Maturity 

We ought to experience genuine love within Christ family.

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God's World: Are You Receiving New Life in Christ?

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Discipleship  Gospel  Growth  Hope  Life  Maturity 

Our mission is to hold out eternal life in Jesus Christ to the world.

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God's World: Do You Influence Others for Christ?

3_Influencer  Confess  Discipline  Evangelism  Growth  Maturity  Preach  Teach 

There is no task then telling other people about Jesus

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God's World: Are You a Spiritual Guide for Others?

3_Influencer  4_Shepherd  5_Leader  Discipleship  Evangelism  Growth  Maturity  Mentoring 

We must come alongside other people in their spiritual journey.

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Passion for Fishing

3_Influencer  Care  Connect  Cultivate  Evangelism 

Jesus came to passionately seek the lost.

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Passion for People

3_Influencer  Care  Evangelism  Love  Mercy  Serving 

Jesus passionately loved people far from God

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Passion for Celebration

3_Influencer  Cultivate  Evangelism  Repentance 

Jesus passionately celebrates the return of just one person.

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Revolutionary Living

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Acts  Body of Christ  Care  Confess  Connect  Cultivate  Discipleship  Mercy 

Acts 3-4. The Church demonstrated incredible commitment, compassion, courage, and bold speech

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Revolutionary Witnessing

3_Influencer  5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Acts  Body of Christ  Confess  Embolden  Evangelism  Persecution  Preach  Teach  Witness 

Acts 8. The Church proclaims Christ despite extreme persecution and personal cost.

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Revolutionary Fellowship

3_Influencer  6_Multiplier  Acts  Body of Christ  Culture  Enlist  Partner 

Acts 11. The early church effectively adapted to the culture.

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What is Our Purpose?

3_Influencer  Brave  Care  Church  Enlist  Evangelism  Missional Life  Partner  Purpose 

What we can learn from a Chicago-area pastor and church who found their purpose.

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Lakeside's Four Relationship Vision

2_Follower  3_Influencer  Become  Believe  Brave  Build  Church  Ephesians  One Anothering  Transformation 

Ephesians 2:19-22. Lakeside vision for being Biblically functioning Church

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3_Influencer  Care  Cultivate  Evangelism  Prayer 

Evangelism necessarily starts with concentrated prayer.

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3_Influencer  Care  Evangelism  Kindness  Works 

Loving kindness powerful demonstrates the reality of God to others.

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3_Influencer  Connect  Evangelism  Serving 

Connection is a beginning step to Influence

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3_Influencer  Confess  Embolden  Evangelism  Preach 

People will not believe if no one preaches to them

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Celebrating Service

3_Influencer  Serving  Spiritual Gifts 

A lifestyle of Influence includes servanthood.

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