Defusing Explosive Anger

Anger  Bullying  Conflict  Speech  Worship 

Matthew 5:21-26. Jesus teaches us how to defuse anger before it destroys us.

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Keeping Your Word

Confession  Conflict  Honesty  Integrity  Speech  Truth 

Matthew 5:33-37. Jesus teaches us to have absolute integrity of speech.

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Resolving Conflict

Conflict  Forgiving  Philippians  Protect 

Philippians 4:1-3. Paul urges conflicts to be resolved quickly.

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Jesus on Difficult People

Anger  Conflict  Grace  Passivity  Peace  Peacemaking  Speech  Truth 

Jesus teaches us how to establish peace with ourselves and one another.

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What is Submission?

Conflict  Ephesians  Marriage  Parenting  Peacemaking  Relationships  Submission  Tyranny 

Ephesians 5:21. Christ's Call to Submission.

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