Admonish One Another

Admonish  Cultivate  Kingdom Life  One Anothering  Pastor  Protect  Speech  Teach 

A healthy community growth through grace and truth.

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Beware of False Teachers

Enlist  Greed  Matthew  Pastor  Preach  Protect  Teach  Truth 

Matthew 7:16-23. Jesus offers a stark warning about false teachers and prophets.

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The Unity All Can Achieve

Body of Christ  Evangelism  Pastor  Protect  Restoration Movement  Unity 

The priority of unity in the Christian Churches

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Stand Firm Though the Devil Prowls

1 Peter  Anxiety  Fear  Humility  Media  Pastor  Protect  Satan  Self Pity  Social Media  Worry 

1 Peter 5:6-14. How God protects his flock from the roaring Lion

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Stand Firm with the Help of Godly Leaders

1 Peter  Eldership  Pastor  Protect 

1 Peter 5:1-5. Godly Elders are appointed to shepherd and protect the Church.

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Resolving Conflict

Conflict  Forgiving  Philippians  Protect 

Philippians 4:1-3. Paul urges conflicts to be resolved quickly.

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God's Family: Are You Shepherding God's Family?

5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Discipleship  Eldership  Growth  Maturity  Pastor  Protect 

The Church is accountable to Elders, who represent Christ.

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Revolutionary Leaders

4_Shepherd  5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Acts  Body of Christ  Pastor  Protect 

Acts 5-6. The early church didn't succumb to compromise, complacency, or co-dependency.

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Board Protected

4_Shepherd  5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Church  Pastor  Protect 

Four Critical Characteristics for Healthy Church Leaders

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World Served

4_Shepherd  5_Leader  6_Multiplier  Brave  Church  Embolden  Protect  Purpose 

The pressures and perils of being on mission for Jesus.

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Lasting Unity

Bible  Church  Division  Ephesians  Holy Spirit  Pastor  Protect  Restoration Movement  Unity 

Ephesians 2:19-22. How Christ Unifies His Church.

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One in Christ

Division  Ephesians  Forebearance  Gentleness  Humility  Pastor  Patience  Protect  Unity 

Ephesians 4:1-6. Believers are called to unity in Christ.

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Principles of Spiritual Warfare

Brave  Embolden  Empower  Ephesians  Faith  Prayer  Protect  Spiritual Warfare  Strength 

Ephesians 6:10-18. The Christian overcomes evil through reliance upon God.

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Admonish One Another

Admonish  Embolden  Grace  Pastor  Protect  Speech  Truth 

How the Church speaks truthfully and builds itself up in love.

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