Confess to One Another

Become  Confession  Cultivate  Forgiveness  Kingdom Life  One Anothering  Train  Truth 

A healthy community is honest with one another sin

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Keeping Your Word

Confession  Conflict  Honesty  Integrity  Speech  Truth 

Matthew 5:33-37. Jesus teaches us to have absolute integrity of speech.

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Beware of False Teachers

Enlist  Greed  Matthew  Pastor  Preach  Protect  Teach  Truth 

Matthew 7:16-23. Jesus offers a stark warning about false teachers and prophets.

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Building Wisely

Bible  Matthew  Obedience  Truth  Wisdom 

Matthew 7:24-27. Jesus teaches about how to wisely build our lives on his word.

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The Creed All Can Accept

Bible  Body of Christ  Preach  Restoration Movement  Truth  Unity 

The role of doctrines and creeds in the Christian Churches

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Stand Firm As the World Turns from Truth

1 Peter  Believe  Bible  Faith  Humility  Jesus-Identity  Pride  Prophecy  Truth 

1 Peter 1:1-12. We can stand firm, having every confidence in the truth of Scripture.

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God Has Spoken

1_Seeker  Bible  Hebrews  Revelation  Truth 

Hebrews 1:1-3. Has God really spoken to us?

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The Voice of God

Bible  Hebrews  Revelation  Submission  Teach  Truth 

Hebrews 4:12-13. The Scripture is the very voice of God speaking directly into our lives.

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Jesus on Difficult People

Anger  Conflict  Grace  Passivity  Peace  Peacemaking  Speech  Truth 

Jesus teaches us how to establish peace with ourselves and one another.

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Putting Off Falsehood

Ephesians  Integrity  Lying  Satan  Truth  Ungodliness 

Ephesians 4:17-25. Christians walk in the truth, not falsehood.

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Admonish One Another

Admonish  Embolden  Grace  Pastor  Protect  Speech  Truth 

How the Church speaks truthfully and builds itself up in love.

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